Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Octave One celebrate 20 years!

The Journey began with a drum machine and a groove. 20 years into the future, on the heals of their latest release “A World Divided”, Octave One began 2010 celebrating the anniversary of their ground breaking record label, 430 West Records. To thank the fans of the label and mark this occasion, the guys are doing a series of special releases and gigs throughout the globe. After the phenomenal visit to The Underground last year and all the love they have received throughout the years here in Dublin the dynamic duo just had to return to treat us to one of these special shows of the best in Detroit Techno.

Octave One MUSIC:

Live mix from Hitek Soul: Ministry of Sound London (28.3.2009)


Octave One VIDEO:

Live set clip



A milestone for Big Dish Go, The underground and Irish electronic music is approaching……

On 30th April 2010, Ivan Smagghe (Kill the Dj) is beginning a new residency playfully named “What's your pleasure Jerry?” in The Underground, Dublin. After much success and adulation around his last two Big Dish Go visits, this will now see him return four times a year.

Ivan is renowned for being one of the most original and inspired DJs of the moment with a unique talent for constantly discovering sounds that no-one has heard or dared use before to such great effect. His name has become synonymous with innovative and intense electronic records which have earned him the adoration of contemporaries such as Andrew Weatherall, Tiga and Ewan Pearson to name a few. This description of him echos the music policy that has driven Big Dish Go from the beginning. Merge these ideas along with the unique intimacy of The Underground(which Smagghe loves so much) and it is a recipe for something very special brewing in Dublin.

To get “Whats your pleasure Jerry?” started, Ivan Smagghe will play a 5 hour back to back DJ set alongside Michael Mayer co-owner of Kompakt recordings. This will be just the first of a number of friends and influences that Ivan will invite to join him during his residency.

Ivan on DJing:

“I’m happy to be playing now because it’s really not going to be what people expect, which for me is a lot of what DJing is about. I’ve got this thing that’s coming from the (Andy) Weatherall approach – for me he’s always been the guy who’s got the best line of conduct and ideas about DJing and making music. Knowing how to say no, and when to say no, and don’t do what people expect because, otherwise, what is the point?”