Thursday, August 5, 2010


The Scribble Sound System was formed in February 2009, when Scribble DJ's Tom Beary and G. Frequency joined forces with MC Little Tree and session musician Chucky to create one of Dublin's freshest collectives. Dancehall, Latin, Reggae, Dubstep, Soulful beats and G. Frequency's original hip-hop productions are used as a foundation and then mixed with live scratching, effects, vocals and percussion. The Scribble Sound System has evolved to also include Dublin hip-hop legends MC Ophelia & Moschops.

Psychonavigation Records based in Dublin Ireland, began in 2000 and releases a range of music styles; particularly ambient, electronica and electro. The hour long label sampler mix mp3 can be found here......

For us, Psychonavigation's ANODYNE 'Corrosion' is one of the albums of the year so far, it effortlessly blends elements of old skool rave, elektro and breakbeat into a darkly beautiful electronic LP. Taking influence from classic electronic albums by Autechre, Black Dog and U-Ziq, 'Corrosion' was made for those who dream of the future!

The full details are.....
Scribble Sound System
DJ Keith Downey (Psychonavigation)
Conor Feeney (Big Dish Go)
Saturday 7th August 2010
The Sweeney Mongrel aka Le Cirk on Dame St