Saturday, November 9, 2013


Big Dish Go is celebrating turning eight by inviting back a firm favorite from over the years. Luke Vibert is a man of many aliases (Wagon Christ, Amen Andrews, Plug, Spac Hand Luke and many more) who manages to appeal to a very broad demographic. He is a true legend of electronic music and has remained fervently productive for well over a decade. It is quite remarkable he is not a household name like his mates Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. A return to The Underground for this one is fitting, as the venue was Big Dish Go's stomping ground for so many years. Warming up the new Funktion-one sound system there will be the Wicklow king of live acid Automatic Tasty and Robbie Ryan who returns from down under.

Saturday 30th November 
The Underground @ Kennedy's 
Westland Row 
Dublin 2 
Doors 10.30pm 
 Admission €12 before 12am / €15 after  


Conor & Gav @ The Picnic

Thursday, May 30, 2013


First off take a quick listen to this tune...

Nice aint it? So it's time for some dancefloor disco action. It will be Big Dish Go's first gig in Lesson Street's very stylish Sugar Club, "A venue to die for" as described by the Irish Times. Headlining is Rayko, a prolific Madrid based Producer and DJ deeply influenced by the artists and sounds of the 70′s and 80′s (mainly Disco, Electrofunk and Rock). He has an impressive portfolio of releases under his belt and what seems like an almost insatiable thirst for editing both classics and lost gems in his distinctive and infectious style. In support we have Nightflight DJs and Keep Schtum aka Michael McKenna. Michael is our own Irish King of the disco re-edit with a few thousand followers on Soundcloud, his hugely popular tracks have been getting support from DJ's worldwide, including the likes of Greg Wilson and DJ Harvey. The line up is spot on for the many boppers still high from Chic at Forbidden Fruit Festival hours before.

Friday, April 5, 2013

4 Hours of Michael Mayer celebrates 20 Years of Kompakt

Kompakt Recordings are one of the most influential institutions in modern electronic music and celebrate their twentieth birthday this year. It’s only fitting so that we extended an invite to co founder (and hero of ours) Michael Mayer, for a rare (in Ireland anyway) four hour set.

Saturday 13th April 
Button Factory
Curved St, Temple Bar, Dublin
Doors 11pm 
Admission €15
Limited €10 Pre Sale Tickets : BUY ME NOW

Have a nice little read for yourselves here...

And a long 12hour mega set listen here...

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Pheck going out on the 14th. Why not surprise your partner and bring them on a romantic evening to Hell for Valentines? It will be sweaty, sexy and filthy if thats what your into? And sure if not you can head down for some turbo dancefloor funk to swoon and swing each other around to. Sounds like the perfect date? And if you are single then dam them all to and get down for a rave anyway. 

An unequivocal industry visionary, DJ Hell's career has embodied and then transcended his many guises: Anti-Superstar DJ, International DeeJay Gigolo Label Boss, GQ Man of the Year, Playboy, Jetsetter, Bon Viveur, Munich Machine. Seeing, and envisioning - that is of enormous relevance to Hell. He managed to convey pure artistic prowess as well as pure style during his thirty year DJ career. The individual look, the do-it-yourself approach, the elitism. Another legend plays Big Dish Go, dreams keep coming true. Need proof he is still hanging around the gates of? Check out his recent Boiler Room set:


DMX KREW is one Ed DMX from Britain, legendary radio show host, dj, live act, pioneer and the rest. His workload as a purveyor of 80s-style funky electro has been amazing: on Rephlex Records, his own Breakin' label, and many more.  Dance floor ravers and groovers excite.



(International DeeJay Gigolo Records)


(Rephlex Records)



Saturday 16th Feb 
The Twisted Pepper
Middle Abbey St, Dublin 
Doors 10.30pm 
Tickets €18 BUY HERE 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


What a line up if we do say so ourselves! Tim Sweeney is a guest we have been trying to make happen since the dawn of time. If you aint heard of his "Beats in Space" radio show then you are in for a listening treat, check out the archive and you will notice our ould pal Smagghe is a regular among other Maestros. Tim Sweeney is a hero to many throughout the world and who better to support but a local legend; Billy Scurry. How could you miss that? Well, insert spanner in works here because upstairs on the stage we are so very glad to welcome back the fuzzy-edged synthy, pounding acidic techno beatster Nathan Fake. The Border Community man will be playing his live show and spinning before him is a Big Dish Go disciple; Evlis, who was missing for some time while roaming the earth only to return with the title of "Grandmaster"(as if we didnt know already), check out his mix just below he made especially. Setting the tone for the night are resident DJs Gavin Feeney and Barry Redsettaz. Put em all together over two rooms with amazing soundsystems and what you got? A tricky decision of where to be and when but we reckon these are the best problems to be faced with! 

And by the way much love and big respect to you all for 2013 x

Big Dish Go & Pogo present Nathan Fake and Tim Sweeney

Saturday January 19th @ The Twisted Pepper. 

Nathan Fake - Live (Border Community)
Barry Redsettaz (Pogo)

Tim Sweeney (Beat in Space N.Y.)
Billy Scurry
Gavin Feeney (Big Dish Go)

Saturday 19th January
Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Abbey St, D.1
Doors 10.30pm
Admission €15

Advance tickets here